Como todos sabeis, uno de los títulos más imprescindibles de todo buen admirador de Sergio Leone y Ennio Morricone, es Agáchate, Maldito. Seguramente no tuvo la difusión de sus predecesoras: "Por un puñado de dólares", "La muerte tenía un precio", y "El bueno, el feo y el malo", pero es para mí un destacado film de culto. 

Agáchate, Maldito. Portada de la BSO. de la película.

Y buscando por el mundo de las redes, he encontrado un curioso hallazgo.
Se trata de las principales localizaciones del film, rodado en muchos lugares de Almería, Guadix, Medinaceli (Soria), y también Irlanda.
Aquí queda incluido, para nostálgicos y seguidores del gran Leone-Morricone.

During the mexican revolution in 1913, Juan Miranda, a grubby robber, chances upon an Irish revolutionary, a dynamite specialist, whose name is Sean Mallory. Juan wants to use his science in explosive for the long-planned attack of Mesa Verde bank. Sean, who came into Mexico to join the revolution, is going to help Juan to enter into the bank, not to take the money but to free the political prisoners. Against his will, Juan becomes a hero of the revolution.
Set decorator
Sergio Leone
Luciano Vincenzoni, Sergio Donati, Sergio Leone
Ennio Moricone
Dario Micheli

Casting :
Rod Steiger
James Coburn
Romolo Valli
Maria Monti
Vivienne Chandler
David Warbeck
Antoine Saint John
Franco Grazios
Juan Miranda
John Mallory (Sean)
Doctor Villega
Woman in the stage-coach
Sean's girl friend in Ireland flashback
Sean's friend in Ireland flashback
Colonel Gunther Reza ( Gunther Ruiz or Gutiérrez in other versions)
The Governor

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Juan is waiting for the stage-coach (Cortijo El Puntalillo)
Juan's boys ambush (Road to Gergal)
Duck, you Sucker (Minas de Rodalquilar)

Juan tries to make a deal with John (Sierra Alhamilla)

John's first dynamite attempt ( Castillo de Rodalquilar)

A ride to Mesa Verde (Hernan Valle)

Railway station of Mesa Verde (Alméria)

Partisan execution in Mesa Verde (Guadix)

Banco National de Mesa (Medinaceli)
Colonel Gunther Reza (Minas de Avellan)
San Jorge bridge explosion (Sierra Alhamilla)
Rainy night firing squad (Medinaceli)
Juan faces the execution squad (Rambla Los Albaricoques)
Mass execution (Guadix)
Revolutionaries' ambush (Estacion de Gor)
The fatal ambush (La Calahorra)

Legend : Most pictures were taken in september 2008. Those are the one with no date mentioned. Regarding the web pages with no date, they have been created end of 2008.
: New page (pictures of june 2009)
: Page updated (pictures of june 2009)

Juan is waiting for the stage-coach (Cortijo El Puntalillo)
Last update 11-11-2009

« The Revolution is not a social diner, a literary event, a drawing on a embroidery; it cannot be done with elegance and courtesy. The revolution is an act of violence... »

The film begins with this quotation from Mao Tse-Toung.

« Señor ! Señor ! I must go to San Fellipe. My mother is dead. »

« Straight down the road about 50 miles.
… Perfect ! You're perfect !
… I'm gonna put you on that stage and watch those faces when they see you come in. »

As the place is closed by a fence, I took the picture above the wires.

The place is north-east of Tabernas about 2.300 km of the solar plant; a track starts on the left of the road. It is at 200 m.

Position : 37° 07' 01'' N, 2° 21' 16'' W
Altitude : 581 m
Reference : Ff 01 on the map

Picture june 2009

Picture june 2009

Picture june 2009
Juan's boys ambush (Road to Gergal)
Last update 30-12-2010

Pulled by twelve horses, the stage-coach climbs the slope. A bunch of lazy peones is waiting. It's an ambush.

« How many time I' ve told you, Chulo, no shooting unless Papa pulls the trigger. »

The main building which appears in the film does not exist any more. Probably destroyed when the highway had been built. It seems, it was right on the layout.

Only the small building remains there on the left of the picture.

This place is on the right side of the freeway A-92 in the direction Gergal toward Almeria. To reach the location, the best way is to take the exit 368 « Cambio de Sentido » (about 4.5 miles from Gergal and the same from the exit of Tabernas more south). On the roundabout, take the small service road partially tarmac-surfaced running alongside the freeway on south-west side toward Gergal (about 1 mile). The road becomes impassable the last 500 meters.
Another solution to go to the site is to take the service road running alongside of the A-92 at the exit of Tabernas, toward Gergal on the right side of the freeway. It is the same road to go to Leone City.
Position : 37° 04' 46'' N, 2° 30' 18'' W
Altitude : 625 m
Reference : Fa01 on the map

This location, I found it by chance, when I came to Almeria. I only knew one thing, the place was somewhere about 7 kilometers after Gergal toward Almeria as Christopher Frayling wrote in his book « Something to do with Death ». A few miles before, I had reduced the speed in order to grab a clue. I don' t know why, I thought the place was on the other side of the freeway. Then my eyes were catched by a few agaves on the right side. A glance around and I knew it was probably there. However, something was missing; the main building was not there.

Departure of the stage-coach :
Position : 37° 06' 49'' N, 2° 20' 41'' O
Altitude : 551 m
Reference : Ff 02 on the map

This last picture was not taken at the right place. I think it is at the Ff02 location this sequence has been probably shot. It seems obvious on Google Earth.

Those agaves, on the right, helped me to find the location.

Ff 02 - Picture june 2009
Duck, you Sucker (Minas de Rodalquilar)

Explosive encounter between John Mallory and Juan Miranda.
« Now you understand why we need the firecracker ? »

Nearly 40 years between the pictures nevertheless, the details on the rocks are pretty close. Here is one the rare sites still intact.
John's motorcycle is an « Indian PowerPlus ».

The location is on the trail linking Rodalquilar to Los Albaricoques ( 1 mile from Rodalquilar). You have to take the trail going up the old gold mine (*). It could be done by car. Be careful, there is a steep slope at the level of the mine. I did it with a MTB a first time in august 2007 starting from Rodalquilar. In september 2008, I did it the other way. As you can see it on the map, there are 5 sites to visit besides Los Albaricoques.
If you don't know what is a corrugated road, there, you have a great sample all along the trail.
Note (*) : In fact, there are many old gold mines around there.
Position : 36° 51' 05'' N, 2° 03' 04'' W
Altitude : 223 m
Reference : Ga09 on the map

Juan tries to make a deal with John (Sierra Alhamilla)

Halt in the Sierra.
« You know something ? I don't understand you. Why do you waste your time and your holy water looking for silver ? To me, that's a sin. »
« Have you any better ideas ? »
« Si. I think gold is better than silver. »
« There isn't any gold in these hills. »
«Uh yes. There is... In Mesa Verde »
« Mesa Verde ?.. It's a city»
« Of course it's a city. Who ever heard of having a bank in the country ? »
« Uh huh. A bank ? »
« Not a bank. The bank. The most beautiful, wonderful, fantastic, gorgeous, magnificent bank of the all world. When you stand before that bank and you see it has the gates of gold, like it was the gates of eaven. And when you go inside, everything, ... everything is gold ! »
The decor was set about 2 miles from the « Mini Hollywood » entry. The road is in a very bad condition. Usually, motorised vehicules are not authorized.
I did it with my MTB, though there are a few steep slopes. You can leave your car at the information center just before the main entry of Mini Hollywood, on the N340a road. There is a small parking free of charge but in full sun.
Position : 37° 4' 30'' N, 2° 25' 8'' W
Altitude : 468 m
Reference : Fd08 on the map.

Oddly, around the place where was the stage-coach, you will find scattered pieces of broken woods, rusted nails, screws, irons, brass and a silhouette.
Can we think, those are the remains of the explosion ?

My motorcycle ...  

John's first dynamite attempt ( Castillo de Rodalquilar)

John is ready to fire the dynamite. Juan pushes the trigger.

« Who are those people inside ? »
« You mean, who were those people inside ? »

It took me a long time to realise that the building at the back was the « Torre de Los Alumbres ( Castillo de Rodalquilar).
It is the same castle which has been used for the set of El Indio's hideout in « For a few dollars more »
The tour is on the right side of the trail running to the beach of Rodalquilar (« El Playazo »), a bit more than half a mile from the road AL-4200.
There is no problem by car.
Position : 36° 51' 20'' N, 2° 00' 54'' W
Altitude : 9 m
Reference : Gb02 on the map
In august 2007, I visited that place without knowing it was a « Sergio Leone » site. I was going to the « Castillo de San Ramon » used by Sergio Leone in « The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ». I was aware of that.
In reviewing « For a few dollars more » to prepare this journey, I discovered
I missed something.

El Indio's hideout in « For a few dollars more »

A ride to Mesa Verde (Hernan Valle)

John and Juan take a ride to Mesa Verde.

« Let me tell you. It will be Juan and John, the two especialistas in banks, eh ? We will call it Johnny and Johnny. That's more american.»
This location is on the old railroad bed Hernan Valle – Guadix. A trail in bad conditions is running alongside. Four places, where Sergio Leone made some shots, can be visited ( two for « Duck, you Sucker » and two for « Once upon a time in the west »).
I recommend you to do the visit with a MTB (a loop of nearly 7 miles) as you can see on the map, provided that you dare cross the bridge. That one is not really in good condition. You will find some holes … and 30 or 40 meters of emptiness under the bridge. Nevertheless, with large strides you can put your feet on the planks just above the iron beams, the left hand pushing the bicycle, the right hand grabbing the guardrail and looking straight front...

By car, it is impossible to cross the bridge; it is better to go to the Eb04 point, taking the loop clockwise. From there, you can walk.
Position : 37° 21' 04'' N, 3° 06' 31'' W Altitude : 1037 m
Reference : Eb04 on the map

Though this sequence is at the end of the film, I inserted it here, because the bridge is only 600 meters from the previous site.
Position : 37° 21' 07'' N, 3° 05' 51'' O
Altitude : 1054 m
Reference : Eb01 on the map.

The 3 last pictures give you an idea of the bridge state.
The bridge deck is pierced … As I said above, I chose to cross the bridge on the wooden side (on the left on the picture) rather than the iron plates side where some are missing (on the right). Though, the wooden plank are not all in good condition.

The pictures were shot after crossing.

In the back, the Sierra Nevada

Railway station of Mesa Verde (Almeria)

Juan and his boys arrive at the Verde station
It is the railway station of Almeria which has been used as the decor set for the exterior. For the interior, unlike you could imagine, it is not the station itself but the Molly Malone pub. It is part of a big building called « El Teatro Cervantes ». This pub is magnificently decorated. If you ever go there, don't miss it.
This site was not mentionned anywhere, probably forgotten. Even the barman, did not know it was used in the film.

This location I discovered it on friday september 12, 2008 at 11:40 AM.
I insist on the precision because it was a great moment of emotion when I came through the door. At last, the decor was there, in front of me, whereas 30 minutes earlier I had some doubts of his existence. I had been looking for it for long. During one year, I tried to find a clue. Was it a place or a decor set in Rome ?
When arriving at the Almeria station, I was full of hope. Unfortunately, the station is closed not in use anymore.
Through the windows, it is obvious that it is not the inside of the Mesa Verde sation. At that time, my hopes collapsed. Disappointed, I was going back to my car. Then I had an idea. Though, my spanish is very poor,
I showed a taximan the pictures of the film and asked if he knew the place « ¿Puede decir me donde esta este lugar ? » After a few moment, he said « I think it may be either the « Circulo Mercantil en El Paseo de Almeria » or « El Casino ». I went to the Circulo Mercantil at about 1 km from there. I met a guy who knew the place. It was just the other door.

For this purpose, you can see the web page I posted urgently in september when I returned back to France.

Almeria station:
Position : 36° 50' 05'' N, 2° 27' 22'' W
Altitude : 6 m
Reference : H01 on the map

Molly Malone :
Position : 36° 50' 14'' N, 2° 27' 48'' W
Altitude : 22 m
Reference : H02
Funny : Mesa Verde was shot in 3 different towns :
  • Almeria
  • Guadix (60 miles)
  • Medinaceli (300 miles as the crow fly)
A few pictures of the Molly Malone...
Partisan execution in Mesa Verde (Guadix)

Out of the station, Juan faces the Mesa Verde cathedral. A partisan execution is taking place.

« Hey God, you're sure this is Mesa Verde ? »
The first sequence was shot from the bridge over the Rio Guadix on Buenes Aires avenue.
The execution took place the « Placeta Santiago ».

Cathedral :
Position : 37° 18' 12'' N, 3° 08' 05'' W
Altitude : 918 m
Reference : Ec02 on the map
Execution :
Position : 37° 17' 57'' N, 3° 08' 09'' w
Altitude : 931 m
Reference : Ec03 on the map
When you are in Guadix, do not forget to visit some of the astonishing troglodyte houses. There are probably several hundreds .

Banco National de Mesa Verde (Medinaceli)
Last update 08-27-2011

At last, Juan arrives in front of the Mesa Verde bank .

« Do you trust me ? »

« No »

« You want to get inside there ? »

« Si. »

« Well I'm going to see to it. You have that chance. Come on. »
The bank sequence was shot «Plaza Mayor» in the old town of Medinaceli in the province of Soria very far from Andalucia. It's between Madrid and Zaragoza.
The bank was a movie set hiding the real buildings, on the right of the second picture. The restaurant, as well, third picture, where Juan retrieves John, was specially built for the film. You can guess its position on the fourth picture on the left of the arches.
At the tourist center, the young woman in charge that day, told me that the decor set had been staying there for about two years after the film was released. A lot of people of the town, had participated in the decor making.
Position : 41° 10' 20'' N, 2° 26' 08' W
Altitude : 1247 m
Reference : D01 on the map

Picture D01-a june 2009

The restaurant was in front of this building. Picture D01-a june 2009

Picture D01-a

Picture D01-b june 2009

Picture D01-b

Colonel Gunther Reza (Minas de Avellan)
Last update 01-24-2010

Colonel Gunther Reza chases the revolutionaries.
The place is in an old gigantic gold mine; a 1.2 km circled arc open pit-border where the top can reach 130 meters high. Motorcars are not allowed on the site. You can visit the place by foot. MTB is ideal
Position : 36° 51' 23'' N, 2° 03' 42'' W
Altitude : 246 m
Reference : Ga08 on the map
An Indianas Jones scene of « The last crusade » was shot 150 m from that point : the sequence were the german plane overtakes the Jones' car in a tunnel.
( 36° 51' 18'' N, 2° 03' 35'' W;
258 m )

Picture june 2009

Indiana Jones location at 150 meters

Picture june 2009

San Jorge bridge explosion (Sierra Alhamilla)
Last update 11-22-2009

John and Juan prepare an ambush against the troops of colonel Gunther Reza. The bridge is going to explode.

« Hombres ! Me and Irlandès are gonna catch ourselves a couple of fucking locusts. »
Only both extremities of the bridge remain there. It was specially built for the occasion. Today, the erosion is doing a bad job...
Since 1970, four very little casemates have been added to the decor for an other film I suppose. You can see three of them on the second picture and one above the place where Juan was shooting the soldiers.

As for web page number 4, to go to this location, you have to start at Mini Hollywood. On the map, the Fd02 reference gives you the point where the trail parts. You must take the left trail closed by a chain. It is about 1.25 miles from Mini Hollywood. To reach the bridge from that point, you have to add half a mile.
Position : 37° 01' 04'' N, 2° 24' 40'' W
Altitude : 403 m
Reference : Fd03 on the map
Position : 37° 00' 59'' N, 2° 24' 36'' W
Altitude : 433 m
Reference : Fd04 on the map
Begining of the trail to the most Sierra Alhamilla sites
Position : 37° 00' 59'' N, 2° 25' 05'' W
Altitude : 359 m
Reference : Fd02 on the map

Little casemates have been added to the decor

Picture june 2009

Rainy night firing squad (Medinaceli)
Created on 08-26-2011

Will you talk under torture ?
Here is Doctor Villega's answer.

This place, I had been looking for it since september 2008. It looked like to be in Medinaceli, but I had no certitude of it. During my previous visits in 2008 and 2009, I showed the pictures to few aged citizen but they did not recognize the place at all. I tarted to have some doubts.
On the DVD bonus of the film, one could see a stone wall but it seems to have nothing to do with DYS. Until my last visit (08-19-2011), I thought it was the remains of the wall where the partisans have been shot.
Anyway, on the right side of the picture, there is a dustbin. When we arrived in Medinaceli, the first thing I saw, while parking the car, was the same dustbin . Then I was sure it was somewhere in that village. We had to find it. And I found it of course. Though in front of that wall, I could not understand how it fitted. In fact, that wall does not appears in the film. I had to turn around a long time before my eyes caught the red stone (top left corner of the first picture). After this discovery, all fitted. I have to add that I came through that place several times without seeing it. Simply because, the wall were the partisans were shot does not exist anymore. Or perhaps it was a decor ?

Position : 41° 10' 18'' N, 2° 26' 05' W
Altitude : 1247 m
Reference : D02 on the map

Clue picture on the DVD Bonus

View from Plaza Del Carmen

Juan faces the execution squad (Rambla Los Albaricoques)
Last update 11-22-2009

Juan faces the execution squad of colonel Gunther Reza. John is going to free him with his motorcycle and a fistful of short fused dynamite.

« Duck, You Sucker ! »
Notice : In the french version John says « Short fuse » instead of « Duck, you Sucker ».
There is no much left of this place which is crossed by the trail Los Albaricoques to Rodalquilar. I had much difficulties to identify where to shoot the pictures. In 2007, I came there and reconized nothing.
Position : 36° 51' 29'' N, 2° 05' 49'' W
Altitude : 168 m
Reference : Ga05 on the map

Picture june 2009

Mass execution (Guadix)
Last update 11-22-2009

The colonel Gunther Reza's troops execute hundreds of revolutionaries.
Not far from that place, a train is going to leave with John, Juan and « El Gobernador » the tyrant on board.
The sequence was shot in the old sugar-beet plant near the railway station of Guadix.
Azucarera San Torcuato, is its name and was inaugurated in 1901.
The place is very damaged. It is worrying. However, we must emphasize that a few buildings have been well restored. Let' s hope all the others will follow and will keep their originality. I have read somewhere on internet, « they » want to make the « museum of sugar » ( El Museo del Azucar ).
Position : 37° 18' 40'' N, 3° 07 30'' W
Altitude : 937 m
Reference : Ec01 on the map

Picture june 2009

Revolutionaries' ambush (Estacion de Gor)
Last update 11-22-2009

A ambush of revolutionaries occurs in the station of Gor (I don't known the name in the film).
Avoid to do it like I did. As I did not know this exact location, I went to the village of Gor (2.5 miles farther). There I had to ask where was the railway station. As it has been out of use for a long time and as my spanish had not improved, people around did not understand what I wanted. For the answer... I just grabbed that it was not in the village and I had to take the road backward. Finally, I followed at sight the old railroad bed.

The solution : At the Autovia exit, take the direction of Gor. At about 0.8 mile, just at the end of bend (going right), there is a small trail on the left; it is about 300 meters from the road. On the second picture, above the talus, you can see the guardrail of the main road. As the station is below the level of the road you cannot see it.
Position : 37° 23' 25'' N, 3° 00' 10'' W
Altitude : 1220 m
Reference : Ea01 on the map

Above the talus, the guardrail of the road

Picture june 2009
The fatal ambush (La Calahorra)
Created on 11-22-2009

This site is somewhere near Cattle Corner. The is no convincing clue to find the exact location. I went to the town hall in order to try to meet somebody who was there during the filming. One of the employee, very kind, took me the village square where retired people used to come. They were a dozen. I showed them the pictures of the film. Nobody remembered where was the location. On the other hand , most of them said, the parallel low walls on the film picture were a decor.
Position : 37° 13' 12'' N, 3° 02' 15'' W
Altitude : 1101 m
Reference : Ed08 on the map

Picture june 2009

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